This Web Site acts as an On-line Portfolio for Rooster Illustration. By clicking on the above icons, you can navigate through the different sections of the portfolio, and also Contact Rooster Illustration.

All images are property of Rooster Illustration, or its clients, and may not be used without consent.

Rooster Illustration, is in fact, one man by the name of Rui Ramalheiro.

As a child Rui was sent away from his dying planet of Krypton™ in a tiny space capsule by his father (played by Marlon Brando). Landing on the blue planet of Earth, and aided by the powerful Yellow Sun, Rui quickly developed ........oh wait ....that's someone else.... actually......

Rui graduated from Sheridan College's prestigious Illustration program, and by a strange twist of fate, surprisingly became an illustrator.

Clients of Rooster Illustration have included ;
The Globe & Mail
The Wall Street Journal
The Toronto Star
Thomson Newspapers
Canadian Tire
News Design Associates
Dollery Rudman Freibauer
Masi Design
and many others.

Future plans for this Web Site are to also showcase Rui's Graphic Design work.